CAITE provides services of searching for the partners to export your products to China or import any products from China, the legal support of the deals and the transport logistics. The most commonly requested services among our customers are: searching for sellers and buyers in China, audit of production, shipment and delivery of goods. Our knowledge and experience allow us to solve difficult problems, among them starting business on the Chinese market, creation of the internet-trade system, development of IT solutions, organization of different conferences and forums, participation in the international exhibitions, as well as registration of the representative offices and factories.
National affiliation, experience and understanding cultural peculiarities in China, knowledge of local legislation help us efficiently support transactions for the benefit of our customers.

САІТЕ Services in China

Supporting FEA-contracts with a Chinese partner

Searching for sellers and buyers, offering your product to distributors or searching for the product you want to buy, run-up negotiations and conduct an audit of selected companies, supplying the contracts and taking other accompanying measures.

Organization of online sales

Placing the request or product information on the Chinese Internet message boards, specialized websites and online stores. Controlling the profile to be up-to-date, communication. 

Legal services

Checking the reliability of the partner, the possible risks, partner’s paying capacity, judicial history, and the presence of the trade licenses and certificates, etc. Registration of representative offices, companies.

Participation in exhibitions in China, organizing international forums, conferences.

Selecting best buyers and suppliers in China

Organizing the manufactures. Development of the investment projects.