Advantages of CAITE membership

  • Business development
    CAITE is a platform for representation of the interests of its members, development of relations between the business circles of China and foreign partners. CAІTE promotes member companies position on the international markets, supports the establishment of direct contacts between the business partners from different countries and Chinese companies
  • Unified Coordination Center
    The Association plans to join efforts of all previously registered Chinese and foreign associations, trade organizations, and to coordinate their actions in order to create a new format of international trade and improve the efficiency of foreign economic relations.
  • Informational support
    CAІTE is willing to develop a course of legal and information support for its members by organizing conferences, seminars, presentations, exhibitions and other events.

CAITE is aimed to represent, protect and lobby interests of its members

To join our organization and become a member of CAITE please follow several steps:

  • Review Charter of the Association
  • Write a free-form application to join the CAITE addressed to its Chairman
  • Fill out the registration form in Chinese or English
  • Provide a copy of your company Charter and registration documents to the Secretariat of CAITE, certified by the head of enterprise and sealed 
  • Documents are submitted for the Board consideration, the decision is made within 30 days
  • The Secretariat of CAITE informs the applicant about its decision regarding admission to the the organization. In the case of a positive outcome, you will receive information about payment of the entry fee
  • The applicant pays the admission fee and annual (membership) fee
  • A new member of CAITE acquires the status of full membership in the organization, gets a membership certificate and use all the privileges of the organization

Price for participation

Entry fee

50 USD

Membership fee

100 USD

How to get a registration form

The Charter and the registration form can be obtained by sending a request to
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