CAІTE goals

  • representation and protection of the common interests of its members: national and international trading companies and organizations;
  • combating monopoly and unfair competition in the wholesale international trade;
  • promotion of the foreign economic activity of enterprises, construction of civilized market relations in the sphere of international trade.
  • development of commercial, industrial and financial ties between China and other foreign countries, including the provision of specialized services and consultation of competent professionals in the field of international trade.

CAITE Objectives

  • be a source of information, a link and a coordinator in establishing business contacts and transactions between companies on an international level
  • find ways to join intellectual, financial, transport, commercial, organizational and other resources of the Association’ members for the most effective implementation of their professional interests;
  • contribute the growth of competitiveness of Association’ members on the domestic and international markets;
  • provide informational, consulting and methodological assistance to members through the creation of databases and info systems to facilitate the effective work of the Association;
  • represent the interests of Association’ members, and spread information about the activities of the Association and its members;
  • consolidate and systematize the work experience of national and foreign retailers;
  • organize advanced training programs, conferences and forums for experts in international trade;
  • develop and implement measures aimed at maintaining mutual trust, the establishment of direct contacts between the heads and specialists of the companies – members of the Association, to strengthen business partnerships;
  • broad international cooperation with commercial and non-profit organizations;  establish business relationships for the successful implementation of the objectives of the Association;
  • provide statistical and analytical data processing and market research.

Operating Principles of CAITE

Open and transparent approach to work

Accurate fulfillment of obligations, terms and requirements

Comprehensive support and joint development with its members

CAITE Association is interested in the success of each of its partners and members, so we do our best to make cooperate with the Association beneficial for each party.
For more than 15 years of cooperation with Southeast Asian countries, our Association has developed several principles that we adhere to in any situation. Above all, we strive to maintain a reputation at high level, because it is a good reputation that allows the members of our association to trust us, even with the most complex projects. We devote time to each client, companies and organizations at any stage of cooperation and provide full access to all parts of the project.
The association is a platform for promotion of the interests of its members, a bridge between the business communities. CAITE easier access to international markets, helps to find direct contacts of business partners and investors.

Our strengths

  • Diversification of activities and partnerships around the world
  • Own internet platformandbase of reliable data
  • Advance cooperation and sustainable development
  • A team of specialists in different sectors
  • Extensive administrative resources and financial capabilities
  • Qualityguarantee of goods and services
  • Flexibility and individual approach
  • Estimation and monitoring of business risks
  • Attention and focus on customer needs
  • Reliability, honesty and transparency
  • International team of of professionals
  • Long term experience in international trade
  • Data protection and confidentiality of projects

Cooperation with CAITE allows you to:

  • minimize and prevent possible risks when dealing with foreign partners
  • use our experience and expertise in the implementation of various plans and projects, making the workflow as simple as possible
  • provide for each customer the set of services that is needed, using all available resources, advanced technology and database, which have been developed over the years
  • involve the work of experienced and qualified professionals from different countries willing to share their knowledge and experience