Meatex 2016 Teheran

CAITE and WEST FOOD GROUP are taking part in the MeatEx, The International Specialized Exhibition of Meat Products and Related Industries, that would be held at Tehran International Exhibition Center on November 5 – 8. The MeatEx provides an ideal opportunity for the producers and suppliers to enter or establish a strong presence in the specified markets. MeatEx is the confluence of industry and product. The whole chain of production, packaging, distribution, warehousing, and sale of red meat, poultry, seafood, and processed meat products is included in this fair which is presented in the product group.
Commercial Director Iryna Pryima will represent WEST FOOD GROUP and CAITE. She will speak about THE GLOBAL MEAT CONGRESS 2016, that will take place in Dubai 3-4 December. The congress will focus on global meat trends and practical marketing solutions for importers/exporters of beef and poultry meat (with focus on MENA region and halal markets).
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