Chinese Association of International Trade and Economy (CAITE) is a voluntary, not governmental and professional community in the field of international trade, which was established with the support of the Working Commission for the Management of commercial enterprises and the introduction of technological innovations and achievements of China.

The initiative to create the Association belongs to the leaders of major retail companies, among them “Longway Rundeer”, “Great Silk Way”, “West Food Group” and others. We believe that the development of international trade is heavily depends on the creation of clear, simple and generally accepted international rules and principles of trade. Protecting the interests of the trading community, developing a common scheme of work, standartization of business processes  – are a ways to develop the potential of each country as a whole, and the companies – participants of the international market, in particular.

Association Strategy

The development strategy of the Association is based on a vision of itself as a leader and the main focal point among the previously established associations of local and international format.

CAITE – is a framework that facilitates the exchange of good experience and effective training practices of international trade. It is also a communication platform that helps in establishing new business contacts.

We offer our members the best solutions in achievement of their goals in the field of production, trade and finance, as well as the construction of efficient transport and financial schemes serving their core business.

Directions of activity

Main directions of CAITE activities include development of international trade and foreign economic relations, support of trade deals and bargains, attraction and management of investments, studying the condition of foreign markets, collection and analysis of economic and financial data, consulting services, participation and organization of national and international conferences, exhibitions and fairs, organization of international business tours for businessmen.

Mission of CAITE - development and strengthening of international economic and trade relations between Chinese companies and foreign partners.

Our ProjectsContacts

Cooperation with CAITE allows you to:

  • minimize and prevent possible risks when dealing with foreign partners
  • use our experience and expertise in the implementation of various plans and projects, making the workflow as simple as possible
  • provide for each customer the set of services that is needed, using all available resources, advanced technology and database, which have been developed over the years
  • involve the work of experienced and qualified professionals from different countries willing to share their knowledge and experience

Our strengths

  • Diversification of activities and partnerships around the world
  • Own internet platformandbase of reliable data
  • Advance cooperation and sustainable development
  • A team of specialists in different sectors
  • Extensive administrative resources and financial capabilities
  • Qualityguarantee of goods and services
  • Flexibility and individual approach
  • Estimation and monitoring of business risks
  • Attention and focus on customer needs
  • Reliability, honesty and transparency
  • International team of of professionals
  • Long term experience in international trade
  • Data protection and confidentiality of projects